Putting power in your Hands

Putting power in your hands.


Solar panels transform daylight into electricity. New technologies are making solar panels more effective and affordable than ever before. You can discover convenient solar panels for home use, or portable folding solar panels for outdoors that enable you to produce power amid an RV or outdoor trip.


What is a Folding Solar Panel?

A solar panel is a gathering of photovoltaic cells equipped for changing over light specifically into electricity. Generally, solar panels have been weighty and bulky, requiring permanent installation; yet another age of solar panels is accessible that can be transported and utilized in a portable limit.


How do Folding Solar Panel works?

If you are a beginner into solar panel systems you might have noticed that all solar panels are divided into smaller cells and in which each photovoltaic cell is made of two slim layers of silicone.

During the process when daylight hits the panel, photons make an electric field between these two layers of silicone. This electric field is then diverted through slim metallic strips called busbars and store in a battery, used to power an appliance, or sent to the local energy depending on how your system is planned.

Folding solar panels are normally smaller than the panels intended for households or business use. These panels may accompany extra features, such as a foldable design, a kickstand, or a portable case.

Just as typical solar panels, compact models require a couple of extra gadgets to deliver and store electricity. You should connect your folding solar panels to a charge controller to direct and regulate the power output and may need to invest into a battery and in an inverter to change over the power yield so you can utilize it with a regular device.


Calculate Your Needs!

You have to ask yourself how much power you require for your outdoors or RV trip. In the event that you plan on utilizing a small folding solar panel at home, choose which devices you will use it for.

You can easily power a camping cooler or a mini fridge with a small folding solar panel connected to a 12-volt battery. You can likewise add an inverter to your solar systems like the one mentioned before to be able to watch TV, power your laptop or phone during your outdoor adventures.

For RV users, if you would like to power your RV battery we recommend to purchase a bigger folding solar panel kit or for a better and optimized used we suggest to have several folding solar panels connected in series. You could undoubtedly add more devices to your solar energy system as you turn out to be progressively comfortable with it and choose to power more devices.

Our folding solar panels can take advantage of sustainable energy source which will make your next outdoor adventures or RV trip a lot more excited and comfortable since you will be able to forget about not having the energy to power your devices. You will also be contributed to a more sustainable world by using solar energy. We encourage all of our customers to test our high quality solar folding panels with any watt meter to prove our high standards that we are proud of.

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