5 Reasons to Choose Otfrid Folding Solar Panels

Deciding on the right folding solar panel can be an overwhelming task.

Otfrid Solar has designed high quality and complete folding solar panels for camping ready for your use enabling you to do a range of things to include: operating your fridge, play music, charge your devices and power your lights.

The market for solar panels is continually changing and growing at a rapid pace with many competitors. Our research and design team are constantly developing new features and designs to ensure our panels are the cream of the crop in the industry.  Here are five reasons to choose Otfrid’s folding solar panels;

1. Easy Set-up. You can easily fold and unfold the panels for use and for storage with ease. (One of the most difficult things to do a with folding solar panel is to open or close the panel, especially if you do not have much experience). Not ours, all you need to do is set the portable panels up and plug them in. Done.

2. Long-Lasting. Otfrid’s folding panels are a great investment. We pride ourselves on manufacturing products made only with the finest materials, designing products which produce 30% more power than competitors, supply consistent power for products.


3. Durability. Our solar panels can perform in the most severe weather conditions. It features a good quality fabric that is weather-resistant.  It’s ruggedly built to go wherever the road takes you while other options are bulky, and do not last long when exposed to the elements. Our battery technology has progressed, making for faster and more efficient recharge times.

4. Peaceful.  If you enjoy being outdoors but hate disruptions to the peace and quiet caused by a generator or other noisy components, then Otfrid’s folding solar panel is the one for you. Clean and silent solar power is a great way to add a little comfort to your camping experience while being kind to the environment.

5. Value. The prices of folding solar panels in today’s market vary substantially. You can get high-priced ones and you can get low-priced ones, what you want is an Otfrid one! Our affordable folding panels provide better value than others. Our panels are efficient and provide power at the highest production capacity. Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself. We will offer you a free wattmeter for you to gauge your energy consumption and production when you prove you own a folding solar panel. (Just pay shipping and handling, Terms and Conditions apply).

Otfrid Solar folding panels are ideal for camping and other outdoor activities due to them being exceptionally portable, lightweight, durable and efficient.  Our competitors’ monocrystalline panels can be too heavy to be thrown over shelter setups like tents, or too awkward or inefficient in variable light conditions to be effectively mounted. Our products flexibility makes for a variety of possibilities in terms of how they can be set up, you can put it on the ground, hang it from a tree, or on the roof of your vehicle, this certainly makes it a wonderful choice for the campers, and backpackers.

For a complete listing of our Folding Solar panel ranges and prices please visit our website www.Otfridsolar.com or contact us directly at info@otfridsolar.com.

If you need any advice or help in choosing an item or system for your camping trip please feel free to give us a call via SKYPE at Otfrid Solar. We are more than happy to help you work out your energy requirements and find the best solution for you.