Camping with Otfrid Folding Solar Panels

Camping is a great time to reconnect with nature, spend time with family and friends, rekindle relationships, exercise and commonly provide an escape from various sources of pollution.



Camping administers an opportunity to rid yourself of all appliances, modern comforts and technology.  However, we know that today most of us have a difficult time entirely disconnecting from our devices.  Today’s campers believe in the need for regular communication, therefore urge for constant access to their mobiles on camping trips. Other electric appliances such as heaters/blankets, insect repellants, grills for cooking and fridges to keep beer cold are also brought along for convenience and pleasure. 

The checklist of electric devices to take on camping trips is continually expanding, the issue of charging and powering them then arises. Otfrid Solar settles this problem, our folding solar panel makes travelling and powering your devices much more convenient.



Our products are lightweight with (easy to carry handles), designed with the highest quality standards common with our product range. The Portable Folding Camping Solar Panel will be your ideal ally to all your outdoor activities.

Our solar panels are extremely safe and quiet which makes them good for the environment and you can continue to enjoy the tranquillity while running your appliances.

They provide a consistent and reliable source of energy. When compared with our competitors our portable solar panels offer optimum efficiency with minimal energy loss.



They are completely waterproof, including the solar charge controller, so it can be used in any weather condition. 

An advanced fully automated charge controller provides complete overcharge protection and supports several battery types with different charging parameters for maximum efficiency.



The carrying bags which are included, offer enough packing space to comfortably fit the folding panel and the cables, a durable zipper for reliable closure and its expendable design creates extra packing space for extra room if needed. 



In conclusion, our solar panels are quiet, waste-free, maintenance free, and free to operate. And provide virtually unlimited supply even on cloudy days.  Be sure to take Otfrid along on your next camping trip.

For a complete listing of our Folding Solar panel ranges and prices please visit our website or contact us directly at  

If you need any advice or help in choosing an item or system for your camping trip please feel free to give us a call via SKYPE at Otfrid Solar or Mobile +86 15610015175.  We are more than happy to help you work out your energy requirements and find the best solution for you. 

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