Otfrid Solar’s Folding Solar Panels, Powering Your Camping Adventures

Folding Solar Panels To Power Your Camping Adventure

When powering your camping adventure there is only one solution; Otfrid Solar. Portable solar power usage is on the rise and you don’t want to be left behind. Campers are using portable solar panels as their preferred energy choice and with good reason.

Campers who use folding solar panels see the increase of freedom to a variety of destinations due to the fact you can travel anywhere as the panels are the source of your energy. You are not restricted to roads and places with fuel stations. With an Otfrid panel, there are no limits to how far you can go.

Solar energy is clean and quiet meaning you are reducing your carbon footprint and increase the environmental purity of your campsite. Otfrid promises its customers the cleanest energy panels available in the market. Maintaining folding solar panels require minimal effort, the odd clean and checking the connections as well as the control unit.

Campers don’t just buy a folding solar panel, they make an investment. Folding solar panels are a one-time purchase and each time they are used, they provide benefits each time they are used. Otfrid Solar panels truly are a smart investment for campers.

Portability is essential when camping. Folding solar panels allow flexibility in terms of choosing your campsite and finding the optimal spot of sunlight to power your camping trips. Otfrid offers longer cables for folding solar panels to ensure optimal sunlight consumption. Ideally, you would want to park in the shade and use the longer cable to find the best spot for your panel in the sunlight. With Otfrid’s extensive 5-meter cables we enable our customers to receive optimal sunlight on each trip.

It is important to choose a solar panel that will not see a loss of current when connected with a longer cable. Folding solar panels do not need to be mounted onto your RV or campervan, therefore, installation costs are non-existent.

Folding solar panels come in different sizes and with different wattages and you need to select the best one for your camping needs. Bigger panels usually have a higher wattage. Folding solar panels come with a voltage. 12V can efficiently power your RV. Otfrid offers the campers of Australia, 100W, 120W and 180W all with 12V which have been rigorously tested to ensure the loss of current is at a minimum.

Folding solar panels have adjustable legs so that you can adjust the angle of the panel. It is important to have panels with supported legs as it is important to change the angle of the panel to the suns direction throughout the day to get the optimal position for maximum sunlight. Weak legs will not allow you to adjust the panels to certain positions. Otfrid through years of experience and research has found that strong legs ensure the longevity of its solar panels. The legs on Otfrid Solar panels are the best in the market and provide campers with the opportunity to angle their panels each hour of the day for optimal sunlight to charge their campers and other electrical devices.

Folding solar panels don’t take up much space and can easily be transported on camping trips and are very popular amongst motorhome users. Otfrid provides carry bags with our solar panels which increases the portability of our panels. They have extra padding, so panels are less likely to be damaged in transit and can be easily stored for camping adventures.

Solar Energy Along The Road

Solar energy is the future. The car industry is seeing huge growth in the electric car sector.

As the world begins to change, we as its people need to change too.

Folding solar panels are a part of that future. We encourage you not to get left behind and take the road with us into the future by powering your trips and your life with Otfrid Solar.





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