UK Targets Zero Greenhouse Gasses by 2050

UK Targets Zero Greenhouse Gasses by 2050

The UK are considering new ways to subsidise renewable energy for homes and businesses to encourage people to go green.

The UK are targeting to cut their greenhouse gasses to zero by 2050 and to achieve this they must implement subsidies.

Governments have important roles to play in ensuring the best for their people. Solar energy is the future of powering our countries and subsidising businesses and homes will play a vital role in reducing emmissions and saving our planet. 

The responsibility does not only lie with our governments but it lies with us as individuals too. We must do what we can in our every day lives to make changes to our lifestyles for a better planet. It is clear that, to achieve zero gas emmissions globally, it must be a joint effort.

There are many ways individuals can reduce their carbon footprint such as recyling and using cars less. We can also use solar power.

Installing solar systems may be expensive but there are other, cheaper ways to contribute to a cleaner world. Folding solar panels are a great way to power camping trips and other activities whilst reducing emmissions. Camping with batteries and generators polllute the environment with leaking acid and noise pollution.  

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